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3 Methods for Improving B2B Healthcare Marketing
Canadian doctors directory
Doctor Directory
As a B2B business that exists to provide and sell a healthcare product or service to another business, you need to ensure your marketing is on target. Recent stats from the U.S. indicate spending on healthcare has increased to nearly $4 trillion, making it a very lucrative – and highly competitive – sector for sales reps. To capture the attenti...
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Boosting Account Based Marketing Tactics
Canadian medical directory
doctor directory
Boosting your account-based marketing tactics involves implementation of many different strategies, each designed to generate more leads, attract more organic search, make more productive connections, and ultimately sell your B2B products and services to those in the healthcare industry who need them. The #1 tactic that MD Select suggests is subscr...
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Using LinkedIn and Directories for Physician Data
Canadian doctors directory
Canadian medical directory database
For B2B marketers targeting doctors and physicians, lead generation is a critical function. Gone are the days of endless cold calling and telephone directories, replaced instead by digital platforms like MD Select and social media. In tandem, using MD Select along with LinkedIn can be a great strategy for developing qualified lead lists of high-val...
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Improving the B2B Buyers Journey with Content and Data
Physician Directory
bc physician directory
There are three typical stages in a B2B buyer’s journey. The first, the awareness stage, is when a buyer recognizes a need or problem that requires a solution. The second stage, consideration, is when a buyer starts to analyze the information they have gathered to see if they have a viable solution to address their need for products and services....
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